Montfortian Education Policy

1. The school is a place for the integral information of persons by means of a systematic and critical assimilation of culture. This vital approach takes place in the school in the form of personal contacts and commitment which consider absolute values in a life context and seek to insert them into a life frame work. The school stimulates the students to exercise their intelligence through the dynamics of understanding to attain clarity and inventiveness. It must help them spell out the meaning of those experiences and their truths.

2. The staff dedicates themselves in special way to education particularly that of youth and the under-privileged. They consider this work as an eminent service to humanity and a privileged means of promoting the formation in which a specific concept of the world, of man and of his history is developed and conveyed.

3. The school motivates and stimulates students to exercise their innate and acquired intelligence through effective dynamics that help to understand what is truth and the true purpose of life.

4. Every member of the school community adopts a common vision and outlook of life, based on the values he / she believes.

5. The school provides the individual, scope for development from within and the educational programme is directed to the growth of the whole person.

6. The content and methodology of the educational system reflect, the human and spiritual values of the society and the nation.

7. Academic excellence is to be achieved through hardwork, practical applications and clear logical thinking.

8. Each pupil is helped to discover and improve his / her physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, psychological and emotional gifts, and to develop his/her ethical sensitivity and sense of the Transcendent.

9. An appreciation of our cultural and religious values is included through and exposure to our cultural heritage, and arousing in them a social awareness with a view to helping the youth to function in responsible and constructive manner.

10. Liberty, justice, solidarity and peace are stressed as urgent, personal and social needs;
Religious values are instilled into our students to help them develop into mature persons who are able to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life;

12. Each pupil is helped to discover and realize their own goals in life.

Computer Education:

The goal of technological education is to make students better thinkers, creative and confident. Computer Education is given importance with current technological updates and demands. Computer science is a compulsory subject. Reasonable fees are collected for the same.


Library will remain open from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Students can make use of the library during the lunch break and other free times. Students can borrow one book at a time from the library which should be returned within two weeks. Ten rupees late fee per day will be charged if they do not return the books on time. If the books are lost or damaged, the student must compensate the same.

Co – Curricular Activities:

In order to develop a balanced personality, we give much importance to co-curricular activities. Through these activities we aim at developing the child into a ‘total person’ by bringing out the best in him / her.
Chart Showing Co-Curricular activities.


1. Transfer certificates are issued only against a written application from the parents.

2. The school authorities reserve the right to take appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal against any student whose conduct is detrimental to the moral tone, discipline and educative atmosphere in the school. The following acts will be considered serious offence which may result in the dismissal of the student from school without any prior warning.

a) Copying and helping others to copy and other such malpractices at examination; altering marks and forging signature of parents, teachers and Principal.

b) Physical violence, fighting with others causing injuries to others.

c) Smoking, taking drugs, liquor and other intoxicants.

d) Disrespect shown to the teachers and school authorities.

e) Continuous absence for more than 3 days without permission.

f) Extreme laziness and indifference in doing work assigned.

g) Association with immoral elements in the society.
h) Organizing or participating in strikes and agitations.

i) Absenting on important school function days and shirking responsibility.

j) Failing in the same class for two consecutive years.


Since English is the medium of instruction all the students must speak only in English in the school campus.

The defaulters will be encouraged to speak in English by appropriate punishment.

Leave of Absence and Attendance:

Any leave of absence is allowed only with the prior permission of the Principal through a duly authorized letter of the parent or guardian. All leave letters should be addressed to the Principal. Leave letters should be submitted, as far as possible, well in advance. The name of any student who absents himself/ herself habitually without prior permission of the Principal will be removed from the rolls. Applying for leave to attend social and religious functions is not encouraged. Those who produce false medical certificates for leave will forfeit their seat at the end of the academic year. Failure to bring a leave note may oblige the school authorities to send the student home even during school hours. Parents must meet the principal for obtaining more than two days of leave. 90% of attendance is compulsory for all the students for promotion.

Care of Nature :

Protecting the environment is the duty of every human being. As students you must learn to care for the nature. Do not kill birds and the small animals that you may find. Do not cut and destroy the trees. Raise flower garden in the school and at home. Each student is expected to raise one potted plant and one tree every year to enhance the beauty of the school premises.


1. Bus facility is provided to all who apply for the same [Form No. 5]
2. If there are insufficient students on any route, that route will be taken off from school bus service.
3. Students who wish to travel by school bus have to pay the fees regularly.
4. Parents / Guardians / unauthorized persons are not allowed to use the bus service.
5. Students availing the school bus service are not allowed to withdraw in the middle of the session (unless they are taking TC) and will have to continue for the full academic year failing which they will be considered defaulters.
6. Parents are to instruct their children
a. Once boarding the bus, not to get down from the bus except at the destination
b. Not to get down to buy chips etc at traffic signals
c. Not to board running buses
d. While travelling by the school bus, to avoid boisterous talking, howling, misbehaving with passers-by, travelling on the footboard and running around in the bus
e. Not to damage the seat covers seats etc of the buses. Should any damage be done the concerned student(s) will have to bear the cost of repair / replacement.
f. Students / parents / guardians are to co-operate and not misbehave with the staff members of the School or the bus who are on school bus duty.
If necessary, the bus service of a student can be terminated on any of the above grounds.