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Dear Students, Parents and Friends,Welcome to Montfort Secondary School, Resubelpara a Catholic Institution run by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, an International Religious society following the footsteps of its founder St. Louis Marie De Montfort. The Montfortian education ingrained with the Education vision of St. Louis Marie De Montfort.

St. Louis Marie De Montfort, a man of great vitality, indomitable courage and spiritual strength was a seeker after the only treasure that mattered: Divine Wisdom. He was concerned about the human race, the most brilliant of God’s creation. By giving up to the ways of Wisdom, he developed pedagogy of acquiring true Wisdom that not only guided his own inner journey but also the lives of those entire he touched.
Montfort sought to lead the world around him in the ways of such wisdom, beginning with the poorest, the lost and the least. He did so in different ways as in ‘charity schools’ for the young, mass education using his great oratorical skills, collective social action, and writing scholarly volumes, popular tracts, poems and letters. The purpose and aim of education according to Montfort is threefold:

To learn, understand and love God as Wisdom,
To understand and transform oneself in the ways of Wisdom,
To become committed to transform the society in obedience to Wisdom.
This website is designed to enlighten you with the insight, vision and priorities and opportunities that we provide to our students. We hope this will be helpful to you. At Montfort we aim to provide a happy, inspiring and exciting learning environment that encourages positive working attitudes in all our pupils and foster a sense of respect and tolerance for the beliefs and opinions of others. We offer an assortment of educational opportunities for our students, through our curricular and co-curricular programmes that include parent-teacher and student-teacher meetings and discussions. Looking forward to having you all with us. We earnestly hope that this would be the beginning of a collaboration that will continue throughout your child’s school career here always.

Bro. Shiju K.M